History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.6

18-07-21 14:29:22
Fix of an error in the editing items in the shop blocks for Minecraft servers.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.5

18-07-17 14:18:38
Fix for cropping avatars when loading in user profile. Fix and improve other features.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.4

18-06-24 11:48:19
Added functionality for calculating statistics of transitions from search engines and other sites.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.3

18-06-21 16:03:13
The cache of the administrator menu is placed in a separate entry. To update, replace the files, go to menu management admin/?page=menu, select the administrator menu, and then click restore.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.2

18-06-19 17:53:35
In the module Life is Feudal deleted the accordion and added optional checking of coordinates in Geo and Geo Alt. In the menu control module, recovery has been added. A slight improvement of the template.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.1

18-06-11 20:54:18
Bug fix in the class to send RCON commands. Other minor fixes. JavaScript code improvement.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3

18-06-08 09:38:03
Update module sales sets, added a list of servers and the function of grouping products into categories.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.2.3

18-05-12 23:32:58
For module admin RCON console server management added a new Protocol to manage servers and ARMA3 ECO.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.2.2

18-05-09 10:26:57
Added caching modal Windows. Improve JavaScript code.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.2.1

18-05-06 16:13:20
Improvement of the logic of the work of animation when navigating between pages. Added new password hash for integration of authorization with CMS Eleanor.