History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.7.0

15-11 2018
The structure of the engine files has been updated, new settings for integration with the banlist have been added, a new Protocol for obtaining information from MTA servers has been added to the query console.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.6.0

17-10 2018
Added support for Rust Experimental servers that use new protocol Websocket Rcon.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.5.0

08-10 2018
Added registration and authorization via Steam account. When registering, the user needs to fill out a form and confirm the email through the mail. One-button authorization.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.4.2

06-10 2018
The installer adds support for integration of new authorization for Xenforo 2.0 forum and its newer versions.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.4.1

13-09 2018
Improved sales module resource sets if the category has no products or categories, when you click a message appears.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.4

27-08 2018
Mod developers for the feudal removed the plate with users online nyu_online_players and said that you can use another nyu_ttmod_tokens.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.10

22-08 2018
Fixed bug with editing categories and adding new products in the set module file.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.9

16-08 2018
Fixed a bug in the Javascript script file, which in some cases led to unnecessary requests to the web server.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.8

07-08 2018
Bug fixes when an administrator clicks the add new item link in the block sales module.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.3.7

29-07 2018
Improvement of editing of goods in the module of sale of Minecraft blocks.