History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v13.1.0

Added a new class for the purchase of goods with a direct entry to a remote MySQL database. The connection to the MySQL database is specified in the settings of each server.

Posted: 01:19:28 24-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v13.0.4

Correction of the error of sending discord notifications in the set sales module. Improved installer, added BEGIN and COMMIT requests for faster installation of dumps.

Posted: 22:44:22 23-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v13.0.2

A fix for Minecraft servers with an activated plugin for displaying a list of players with colored group tags. Colored shadows made it difficult to find a player on the server through the RCON list command.

Posted: 17:04:46 22-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v13.0.0

When building the cache, a configuration file and constants are added. Arrays with $conf and $cde settings have been replaced with $cfg. Code refactoring. Minor improvements.

Posted: 23:43:31 20-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v12.2.3

Correction of an error in the groups module when purchasing privileges through the PermissionEx and LackPerms plugin. Code refactoring. Removed ICQ and Skype variables for communication with the administration.

Posted: 20:01:49 18-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v12.2.1

Code refactoring. Some functions have been moved to classes. Fixed an error in the Minecraft inventory module because of it the zero slot was not displayed. Fixed a decrease in the quantity when buying with a notification in the discard. Opcache cleanup has been added to the admin panel.

Posted: 17:27:18 17-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v12.2.0

The online ban is placed in a separate modal window called through the menu. Fixing a JavaScript error when working with Minecraft inventory.

Posted: 00:57:39 11-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v12.1.0

Fixing an error in the installer. Code refactoring. Logic in some modules is transferred to classes. Correction of disabling the share buttons in the news module. Updated the news viewing counter.

Posted: 21:36:04 07-01-2022

CMS Donate Engine v12.0.4

Improving the admin panel, Query and RCON of the admin console. Improved the logic of the query and rcon classes, which are hidden under the facade. Improving the installer. Update for new 7D2D servers. Correction for VK comments to work.

Posted: 16:36:04 28-12-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.7.0

The module for selling sets of products (store) has added support for new variables: %UserEmail%, %OfflineUUID%, %Steam2ID%, %Steam3ID%. Fixed a bug with the Query protocol from the previous update.

Posted: 00:04:44 04-12-2021