Donate for Hurtworld servers

Monetization Hurtworld

Using PHP script donation engine, you can easily monetize an unlimited number of servers Hurtworld. Players will be able to buy goods in the shop and trade resources in the gaming market.

Easy connection of donation, as pirate servers with Query disabled by Protocol and license servers that are monitored by the scheduler via PHP script.

CMS for Hurtworld servers and ItemV2

The gaming market Webshop Hurtworld Oxide users are absolutely safe buying and selling resources, which optionally can be allowed for sale or prohibited.

Donate connection for Hurtworld servers

To connect Donate systems to the servers Hurtworld, you must create a MySQL table with the shopping cart and the list of players on the server. Download the plugin OXIDE DB Store to shopping basket. Configure the connection to the database and install the plugin on your server. In admin panel CMS Donate Engine, set up the connection to the database plugin in the options of the server.

Online web RCON for Hurtworld

Are you owner of the gaming community? You have created a server control panel using the RCON Protocol, this is an online console and it works in any modern browser. Modern interface, easier to manage, just connect to servers and send commands. To send commands to your RCON server, go to the management page, click on the wrench and log in to the console.