PHP donate script for PixARK

Game server monetization

For stable operation of servers PixARK first of all, we think about the monetization of the project and the donation system. And it is quite reasonable, because administrators need money for the development of the game project. Ensure the smooth of the game for many hundreds and thousands of players require an incredible cost hosting services.

Donate for PixARK servers

By installing the system Donata users will be able to buy game resources on the servers automatically without moderation and issue purchases. The automatic system will do everything for you CMS Donate Engine!

CMS for donate on PixARK servers

Easy installation of CMS Donate Engine and incredibly convenient management of servers bring Donat to users to a new level of comfort! Just initially set up CMS and resources will be sold automatically without administrator. To install you need a web server with PHP and MySQL.

Donate shop connection to PixARK servers

It's simple! Sell resources on your PixARK servers possible through a plugin that needs to finish the RCON command "ListPlayers" to display the list of SteamID's are connected to the server players.

RCON team in the store:
/GiveItemNum %steam% 436 1 100 0

Donation PixARK without plugin

In the game, find out your PlayerID and when you connect to the server, enter it in the login field when buying resources.

RCON the team in the store:
/giveitemnumtoplayer %player% 1 1 0 false

Online RCON for PixARK server

Using the online console, you can connect to your server by entering the ip, port and password of the RCON interface. You can get information about the server, the number of players and send other comands.