Integration with other CMS

Wordpress - CMS Donate Engine supports integration with CMS Wordpress allows you to create your site from a simple online diary to a very complex news site and online store, which supports a large number of plug-ins and has its own API.

Joomla - Allows you to create a blog or news site of any complexity with its unique content management system and all this beauty you will be able to easily integrate with CMS Donate Engine and leading users to authenticate username and password from the CMS Joomla.

DLE - With the presentation of the product you will be able to create a news portal, directory of programs or other themed resource that can be integrated into the CMS Donate Engine and all users will be able to authenticate the store by entering the data from the CMS DLE.

phpBB2 - Although it is an old engine forum, but it is still relevant because of less load on the server, compared to the new version of phpbb3. CMS Donate Engine can be used to authenticate the data from this CMS.

phpBB3 - Allows you to create a great forum with a rich, customizable system privileges that complement a large number of modules. With CMS Donate Engine You will be able to use data from phpBB3 to authenticate users with integration.

Xenforo - This is a commercial CMS based on which to build a forum, a place of communication of Internet users. CMS Donate Engine seamlessly integrates with Xenforo and you will be able to continue to continue to work effectively.

Invision Power Board (IP.Board) - a very popular CMS, which allows her to create a forum through. This software is distributed on a commercial basis and for its use must pay.

vBulletin (или vB) - commercial forum engine written in PHP, data storage uses a database MySQL. vBulletin software is so successful that the company has built integration with CMS Donate Engine.

md5 - Authentication, on the basis of the algorithm md5 encrypted data and you will be able to connect the authorization CMS Donate Engine from another of your site.

AuthMe - If your Minecraft server plugin is used for authentication AuthMe, you can use this data to authenticate the players in the shop CMS Donate Engine. Xauth and cauth are also supported.

Drupal - free software engine, with which you can organize a portal. To work uses Apache, PHP and MySQL. CMS Donate Engine has integration with the popular web engine and you will be able to and after the installation to use the same login details for your websites.

PunBB - free web forum. Its main objectives are light, compact and user-friendly interface, with PunBB implements less functionality than similar software.

MyBulletinBoard (MyBB) - free web forum. This is a full-featured software engine to create a forum. You can use the MyBB user base for authorization to store CMS Donate Engine.

Simple Machines Forum (SMF) - popular and free web-based forum. The engine is primarily intended to create a site like forum. Players will be able to log in to CMS Donate Engine using the data from the database Simple Machines Forum.

TBDev - Popular torrent tracker engine, with which you can arrange for the exchange of catalog films, music and other files.

WoltLab Burning Board - Supported integration with CMS written based on WoltLab Community Framework 2.x and including Burning Board 4.x.

CMS 1C-Bitrix is the hash of the password in this engine is stored as md5 with salt hash and easy to use for authorization in other programs.