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CMS Donate Engine v3

We removed the expiry of the licence for users who buy the engine until 2018, and that means you don`t have to renew the license, just download the new version. And that`s not all! There is an old license of 2012 to CMS Minecraft Shop give eternal updates to the CMS Engine Donate without conditions and surcharges. For added or removal of domains write on e-mail.

CMS Donate Engine - is the engine donation for monetization ARK servers, Minecraft, Pocketmine, Rust, Project Zomboid, Life is feudal, SAMP, Hurtworld and servers based on the HALF-LIFE, such as Counter-Strike 1.6, which lets you create shops, enchanted with the sale of resources and privileges.

The Auto donate is written in programming language PHP script, uses MySQL database and is personal account to monetize by the game servers. On the basis of the scheduler is real time statistics. Store units allows you to automatically sell resources, enchanted items Minecraft VIP group. Pay unbanning gives the chance to issue a fine to the user in real currency. Play market allows users to trade personal resources. Direct connection to payment systems will increase your profits and reduce costs.

With the donate system in the CMS Donate Engine You can organize automated monetization of Your project, without installing plug-ins for any number of game servers.

CMS has a system of routes, which allows you to use SEO URLS, GZIP compression allows to compress the transferred data. Using task scheduler are plotted, are given awards for the players by the total time online.

Built-in dialogue system that allows players to write each other messages, finding new people.

Donate for Steam
Donate for game servers
Donate for game servers
Donate for Life is feudal

With a flexible system of discounts donate site, possible to sell products with any price that very much stirs the interest of the players and brings significantly more profit.

The access control system protects your website and allows the administrator to open access for any page specific users who will want to help with filling a useful content resource.

Integration with third party CMS allows you to use an external database for user authentication. Built-in storage system sessions, Thrifty use of resources and connects to an external database only at the time of authorization.