Donate for servers Project Zomboid

Monetization Project Zomboid

Automatic donation system for servers Project Zomboid allows you to sell virtual resources based on protocols RCON and Query. Thanks to the PHP programming language and use the database MySQL autodonate logic allows you to preview your presence on the server of the player and then comes the issue of resources.

Optional custom discounts for goods will instantly increase autocont on your servers and will significantly increase customer loyalty.

Donation shop for Project Zomboid servers

To accept the donate, you don't need to put any fancy plug-ins to connect server to database MySQL, just set up the sale of goods on the Project Zomboid server and players while in the game, will have a unique opportunity to purchase resources in a matter of seconds.

CMS for Project Zomboid servers

Sell bags, things for the campaign, fuel, kits, materials and resources, building tools, paint, utensils and vessels, ingredients, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy products, alcohol, canned food and other food, condiments, products of the highest category, clothes, shoes, electronics, spare parts, farmer tools, seeds, fishing gear, keys, skill books and recipes, medical items, cold weapons and firearms.