Integration with PayPal


Integration donation with popular payment system, will allow you to earn even more effective with the sale of virtual resources.

Donation system can be driven by PayPal and bring even more profits, many Internet users choose it for its reliability and high level of protection.

Want to use Paypal for donate game servers? Please follow the instructions.

  • Create new PayPal account or use an existing one.
  • Add new application system PayPal Developer and update your account to Premier, if you are prompted. You have enough in PayPal account to bind the cardholder's account number (not card number) for withdrawal and confirm it.
  • On the page of your application (APP DETAILS) scroll to "Live credentials" and click on the link on the right "Show".
  • Copy the value of the parameters "Client ID" and "Secret", they need you for a successful activation PayPal.

You must add a reference to the handler payments of our system, and enable the "IPN messages" in your account settings PayPal.

After setting up an account PayPal, list the data obtained for the connection that you received during the execution of instructions.