PHP donation script for ARK

Donate for ARK servers

Use a scripting language PHP and data base MySQL. CMS Donate Engine designed for instant monetization of servers Ark Survival Evolved, used automatic system to Deposit and retrieve resources.

ARK Survival Evolved monetization

Of course, without a doubt, today competent autodeath servers will immediately start to solve the problem of monetization. Just plug in your server and have fun, and funds for the development of the game project.

Online RCON console for ARK server

This is a web client, an administration tool for the owner of ARK: Survival Evolved server and other popular games. Uses Websockets and the original RCON Protocol, which is a TCP/IP based communication Protocol used by ARK and other game servers. RCON means remote online management console for administrators.

CMS for ARK: Survival Evolved servers

Easy installation of CMS Donate Engine and incredibly comfortable managing servers derive Donat for users on a new level of comfort! Just initially configure the CMS and the resources will be sold automatically, without administrator intervention.

Connecting donate shop ARK servers

Sell resources on your servers ARK Survival Evolved through a regular ARK: Server API and to him already Extended RCON, which adds RCON commands to retrieve resources players.

RCON command in store:
SpawnDinoBP %steam% Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/Dinos/Crab/Crab_Character_BP.Crab_Character_BP' 225 1 0 0 0

ARK donate system without plugin

The fact that it is still not possible to get the ID of the player via RCON or Query protocols for donation in this case, you need to learn the owl PlayerID when connecting to the server, enter it in the username field when buying resources.

RCON command in store:
giveitemnumtoplayer %player% 1 1 0 false

How to view item ID ARK

You can find a list of items and their IDS on the website GamePedia.

How to issue money on the ARK server

To issue money via RCON, you can connect the plugin Shop, Currency & Kits.