Donate for Minecraft servers

CMS for Minecraft servers

To collect donate can now be much more efficient with the help of the engine is written in PHP and the database using MySQL. A flexible system of privileges will allow an optional to configure the rights to access the management interface and to automate the process of payment and receipt of resources.

Which server should i choose?

Supported servers for all versions of Minecraft with the core Bukkit, Spigot, MCPC, Cauldron, and Vanila servers created on the base of these assemblies with various mods and game modes.

Security code and full logging of user actions and the administrators will not allow to ruin the server and the economy. Suddenly grown rich dupery are banned in a matter of seconds, the resources are removed, accounts are deleted on the choice of the administration.

Profit growth, monetization

To increase customer loyalty, the engine has a system of gifts, which is hosted by task scheduler and generates resources in the calculation of the playing time. Players receive unexpected surprises that will motivate them to enjoy spending time on the server and enjoy the game.

Donate Shop for Minecraft

An instant increase in profits using our customizable system of discounts for goods. A significant increase in sales immediately after activation options. Players will be more interest in buying units.

Online web RCON for Minecraft

Convenient management of all servers in one place. Supports many popular protocols, servers Steam and OXIDE. Can be used for the issuance of resources for unban players or just to check the server settings without entering the game.

Connecting Minecraft game servers to CMS Donate Engine

  • Work through the file structure
    • Set the permissions for editing video game player profiles /games/minecraft/publik-2/world/players/ (for example)
    • The operating system Linux, Apache Web server must be connected to PHP mode of fast-cgi is not a privileged user that starts the server Minecraft.
  • Remote operation via FTP connection (Debian or Ubuntu)
    • Use the FTP server that allows read and write access through a web server, with disabling security settings ssl, tls (proftpd, FileZilla Server or equivalent)
    • The path to the profiles of players FTP protocol can be set so: ftp://username:password@
    • Created ftp user can change the owner of the folder, double check your privileges after adding a new user.
    • FTP server run under the user that the server is running Minecraft.
  • For stable operation of the monitoring list the IP address of the server
  • To activate the Minecraft server monitoring Query
  • To activate the Minecraft server management RCON
  • In the firewall, open access to the Query port via UDP and TCP
  • In the firewall, open access to RCON port over TCP