Integration with Unitpay

Unitpay Setup

The Unitpay provides the ability to buy virtual currency on the game servers in automatic mode.

If there is no movement on the account, your project (after 3 months) is transferred to the archive.

After registration, the account limit applies. Unlocking is available only to citizens of the Russian Federation.

Connecting Unitpay to CMS

To get started in the system you have to put Unitpay image WM-atestat, the link "Accept WebMoney" and the description of the payment order.

To accept funds from payments aggregator Unitpay on your site, go to the admin panel, list the options for integration with the service Unitpay. The site Unitpay, select the appropriate options as presented on the screenshot.

Automatic currency exchange

If the customer pays in dollars and euros, the aggregator converts the amount into rubles and allows you to pay at the exchange rate on the user's Bank side.

From 01.04.2020 to partners physical person instead of the payment API you need to send data to