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Monetization Pocket Edition

Professional monetization Minecraft Pocket Edition, PHP using MySQL, allows you to sell for the mobile version of White List, Sunny weather, night, blocks, kits, players will be able to sell their resources in the gaming market. Full logging. The functionality of viewing personal logs is available, administrators can monitor all scheduled events and manage servers.

CMS for Pocket Edition

From the Task Scheduler, the administrator can schedule a useful commands. For example, you can write according to schedule chat advertising, sunny weather to change or set the night.

Query console allows to obtain proprietary information from servers Pocketmine amount of players, open slots, installed plugins and their versions, the server version.

Store things Pocketmine

In the Admin Console is available for server management Pocketmine, can send commands to ban and kick players, issuing resources, creativity and change others.

Donate shop for Pocketmine

From CMS Minecraft Shop, players can trade in the market things from their inventories, which is available for all users. Connect professional system trading and sales resources, and you get an instant increase in profits.