Donate for Conan Exiles servers

Shop things for Canon Exiles

This is an automatic system for collecting donations for an unlimited number of game servers. Automatic rewards for players, a task scheduler for each server, and instant access to resources without the involvement of an administrator.

CMS for Conan Exiles

Game donate shop Conan Exiles is an absolutely safe system for the collection of donations. It can be completely disabled, or you can allow the sale of individual resources. Administrators can customize the sale of products in separate sets. There is a multi-functional administration panel and access control system.

Donate store for Canon Exiles

We use a web environment with PHP installed and a MySQLdatabase. To connect the donate store script to the Conan Exiles servers, in the CMS admin panel Donate Engine shop/admin/?page=management configure the connection to the server and configure products in the set sales shop/?page=store, which will be sold automatically without the participation of the administrator.