History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.2.2

09-05 2018
Added caching modal Windows. Improve JavaScript code.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.2.1

06-05 2018
Improvement of the logic of the work of animation when navigating between pages. Added new password hash for integration of authorization with CMS Eleanor.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.2

26-04 2018
Improving the logic of modal Windows. Added a new password hash to integrate authorization with the Invision Community engine.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.1.2

20-04 2018
Added integration with Viber for instant messaging from the site. To connect the integration, go to the admin panel and follow the instructions.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.1.1

10-04 2018
Changes in the Steam Protocol and links to the user profile. Improved the output module of system information in the admin panel.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.1

15-03 2018
Fix a critical security vulnerability. Could allow an attacker to relatively easily send malicious code.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.39

12-03 2018
Fix an error in the function file that is associated with incorrect display of product discounts.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.38

12-03 2018
Correcting errors in the module file of the form of donation. Other not significant bug fixes. Improves the display of server information in the administrator panel.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.37

27-02 2018
Fix an error in the task scheduler startup file. The error was caused by an incorrect server type definition.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.36

26-02 2018
Add the karma server for Life is Feudal. To sell karma, create a new item and write karma in the item settings field.