History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.38

Correcting errors in the module file of the form of donation. Other not significant bug fixes. Improves the display of server information in the administrator panel.

Posted: 14:51:33 12-03-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.37

Fix an error in the task scheduler startup file. The error was caused by an incorrect server type definition.

Posted: 09:19:12 27-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.36

Add the karma server for Life is Feudal. To sell karma, create a new item and write karma in the item settings field.

Posted: 13:47:23 26-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.35

Fix an error in the item discount module. If you are using external authorization the avatar change is blocked.

Posted: 12:38:28 20-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.34

Module improvement inventory for Minecraft servers. In the administrator modules, a checkbox is added to display password in the password fields.

Posted: 15:04:47 08-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.33

Fix a bug in the cron scheduler module where the monitoring function did not work correctly and the lottery did not run.

Posted: 14:58:45 06-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.32

Improvement in module market for Minecraft servers. Added modal window for the purchase of resources. Correction of an error in the discounts.

Posted: 10:21:37 05-02-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.31

Improved the module skins gallery Minecraft. Added modal window to change the skin of the user. Improved the admin module to display information about the webserver.

Posted: 19:25:21 31-01-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.30

Improved sales module blocks Minecraft. Added modal window for editing product group administrators.

Posted: 19:52:06 29-01-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.29

Fix for modules resources market Life is Feudal, the sale of sets and the admin module management servers.

Posted: 23:43:53 28-01-2018