History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.25

25-01 2018
Deleted server type Spigot, Counter-Strike instead Bukkit Minecraft and Half-Life. Bugfix modules, skins, the old version is not properly installed the header in the 304 response from the server.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.24

25-01 2018
Correction the admin module Query console, the error was in monitoring for servers and Steam Life is Feudal.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.23

21-01 2018
Update plugin file to work with the STEAM query protocol and RCON.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.22

16-01 2018
Update the plugin file with the authorization and in the installer for the old authorization DLE 11.1. In the form module Donati updated localization.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.21

15-01 2018
Improvement of module forms of donation. Configure Yandex.Money placed in a separate module.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.20

12-01 2018
Updated the admin module to edit servers. The input parameters for icons and images servers are checked for availability. If the image is not open, the parameter is replaced by the default value.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.19

10-01 2018
Fixed bug in empty options Donata in sales of sets. Improvement of module forms of donation. Interkassa settings in a separate module. Improvement for Life is Feudal. Was also updated icons.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.18

08-01 2018
Bugfix in the installer, the plug-in class to work with sessions in files in the module donation for Life is Feudal.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.17

05-01 2018
Plugin monitoring for Life is Feudal is replaced by Livemap for LiF:YO dedicated servers. Update Donation module, the improvement for the shape of Yandex.Money and UnitPay, added the choice of payment method.  

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.16

03-01 2018
Module donation Life is Feudal for administrators added listing products disabled in the store. In the authorization file fixed the redirect. In the file SMTP Protocol fixed output error.