Terms of use

User License Agreement for the use of the computer program "CMS Minecraft Shop"

Dear User! Before starting the installation, copying or any other use of the Program, please read the terms of its use contained in this Agreement. Installation, commissioning or any other use of the Program is the beginning of a proper conclusion of this Agreement and your full acceptance of all the terms. If you do not agree to unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement, you may not install or use the Software and must remove all of its components from your computer (PC).

This license agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) is between Ltd. "BUY VPN" (hereinafter - the Licensee) and any natural person, an individual entrepreneur, a legal entity (hereinafter - the User).

1. Definitions

1.1. The program - a program for a computer "CMS Minecraft Shop", the appropriate version (as a whole and its components), which is provided in the form of a set of objective data and commands, including source code, databases, audiovisual works included in the Licensee the composition of said computer program, as well as any documentation on its usage.

1.2. Using the program - any action related to the functioning of the Programme in accordance with its purpose (including saving in computer memory).

1.3. Technical support - activities carried out by the Licensee in accordance with established limits and volumes for the operation of the Program, including information and advisory support to users on how to use the program.

1.4. Licensor - the owner, the owner and franchisor of the Program shall be issued to another person (the licensee) licenses granted the right to use the Program License Agreement set limits.

1.5. Licensee - a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, having a license in this Agreement Ltd. "BUY VPN".

1.6. User - physical or legal person or an individual entrepreneur, acquiring a license to use CMS Donate Engine on the license agreement.

2. The subject of the license agreement

2.1. The subject of this license agreement is the right to use one licensed copy of the computer program "CMS Donate Engine", on the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, you can not use this product. Installation and use of the product constitutes your full agreement with all clauses of this agreement.

2.2. All provisions of this Agreement shall apply to the program as a whole and its individual components, except for the cases when the component system used a different type of license.

2.3. This Agreement is concluded before or immediately at the beginning of the use of programs and actions throughout the entire period of its lawful use of users within the term of copyright on it with due observance of the Terms of this Agreement.

3. The contents of the contract

3.1. Term customer service since the acquisition of one licensed copy of the Program "CMS Donate Engine" is one year. If at the end of the service period, you choose not to renew its operation, your program will be fully operational, but without our support and without the provision of new versions of the Program, except for critical software updates.

3.2. Licensee provides technical support to users, including on issues related to the functionality, features installed and used on standard configurations supported (popular) in operating, mail systems and other programs in the manner and under the conditions specified in the technical documentation to it.

3.3. In the case of the acquisition and use only the base program license, customer service, the duration of the license agreement, limited only by the delivery of routine maintenance: the provision of distribution, new versions of software, critical software updates. Technical support for the basic license is not available. For technical support for the program, users must have a license that includes technical support, or be a subscriber to technical support.

3.4. In the case of the acquisition of the user program to transfer directly to the customer site, or a ready project, the User is obliged to inform the customer of this license agreement, and fully convey to him his client access to the site dle-news.ru, otherwise, the User license remains face direct payment license and have access to client site dle-news.ru. Third parties who do not have this access, support and provision of distributions will be denied.

3.5. We reserve the right to publish, with the consent of the user software, lists of favorites that use the program "CMS Donate Engine". We reserve the right at any time to modify the terms of this agreement, but these changes are not retroactive. Changes to this agreement will be sent to users via e-mail to the addresses indicated on the acquisition of a license to the Software.

4. Restrictions on Use Program

4.1. The program is the result of intellectual activity and subject to copyright (computer program), which are regulated and protected by Russian law on intellectual property and international law.

4.2. Name "CMS Minecraft Shop" and "CMS Donate Engine", as well as members of the Program scripts are owned by Licensor, the use of which is possible only within the framework of this agreement, except for the cases when the component system used a different type of license. Any published original material generated as a result of using the program, and the associated rights to them are the property of the user and are protected by law. Licensor and Licensee shall have no liability for the contents of user-created Programs "CMS Donate Engine".

4.3. The algorithm of the program and its source code (including parts thereof) are the property of Licensor and Licensee. Any use or use the Software in violation of the terms of this Agreement shall be considered as a violation of the rights of the Licensor and is sufficient void the user granted rights under this Agreement.

4.4. Licensee warrants that it has all necessary rights under this Agreement to provide their users, including program documentation.

4.5. After purchasing a license for the Program "CMS Donate Engine", you should know that not acquire copyright on the Program. You acquire only the right to use the Software on a single web site (one second-level domain and its subdomains) owned by you or your client. To use the program on another site, you need to re-acquire the license.

4.6. Programs can not be resold to third parties.

4.7. The user of this agreement does not confer any rights to use the trademarks and service marks of Licensor and Licensee.

4.8. The user may not under any circumstances remove or alter any kind of information and information about the copyright, trademark or patents mentioned in the source code of the program.

5. The rights and obligations of the parties

5.1. The user has the right to:

5.1.1 Change the design and structure of the code in accordance with the needs of your site.

5.1.2 Produce and distribute instructions to create your own templates and modifications of language files, if they will have an indication of the original developer of software to your modifications. Modifications you have made to yourself, are not owned by the Licensor, if not contain program code directly Program.

5.1.3 Creating your own modules for additional programs that will interact with program codes Program, indicating that it is an original product of the User.

5.1.4 Porting the program to another site after the compulsory notification of the Licensee, as well as the complete removal of programs from the previous site.

5.2. User may not:

5.2.1 Transfer the right to use the Software to third parties.

5.2.2 Use or alter the structure of the program codes, program functions to create related products.

5.2.3 Create separate standalone products based on our code.

5.2.4 Use copies of the "CMS Donate Engine" one license on more than one site (one second-level domain and its subdomains).

5.2.5 Advertise, sell or publish on its website a pirated copy of the Program.

5.2.6 Distribute or promote unlicensed copies of the Program "CMS Donate Engine".

5.2.7 Remove mechanisms check the original license to use the Program.

6. Limitation of Warranties

6.1. We want to note that the security mechanisms that are installed on "CMS Donate Engine", have known limitations, and despite the fact that we make every effort to ensure the safety program, you must be familiar with the lack of absolute guarantees against hacking your site. So, our warranty and technical support are not subject to modifications made by third parties, including software code changes, style, language packs, as well as to changes in these parts, made by the licensee alone. If the program is modified by you or a third party, we have the right to refuse technical support.

6.2. The program "CMS Donate Engine" can not be returned or exchanged due to the lack of guarantees protecting the program from being copied.

7. Early termination of the contractual obligations

7.1. This agreement shall be terminated automatically if you fail to comply with the terms of our agreement. This sublicense agreement may be terminated by us unilaterally, in case a violation of the sublicense agreement. In the event of early termination of the agreement, you must delete all of your copy of the program within 3 working days of receipt of the notice.