History Commercial version

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.1

17-08-22 23:29:52
Engine considerably rewritten, added class for working with database using MySqli. Is connected when you run the installer, can be changed in the configuration file.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.0

17-08-16 11:43:16
Improving the structure of the file index.php correction save the sessions before the session is deleted when you close the browser window.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.9

17-08-15 13:07:18
Added server monitoring to the Teamspeak 3 Protocol Query. If you need a pair of username and password to specify in the password field, using the colon symbol ":" without the quotes.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.8

17-07-31 14:54:15
Update feedback module. The telephone number field is not mandatory. If not properly filling out the fields, the form is not cleared, data is stored.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.7

17-07-27 16:14:05
Improved news module, added a modal window to edit the news. Fixing logical modules of the profiles and conversations.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.6

17-07-25 13:21:38
In the installer added integration with CMS 1C-Bitrix. In the authorization file added support for the new hash the password bitrix. Correction of significant errors.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.5

17-07-18 10:46:13
Library update to improve the functions to work with mail servers using SMTP.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.4

17-06-05 18:55:47
The patch is not critical errors in the discounts account, the sale of privileges, store blocks, editing the static pages.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.3

17-05-23 10:07:45
Update of slider scroll the server list the main countries. Before the server description, added a block progress bar with the current online. Bugfix in module dialogues.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.2

17-05-22 10:15:16
Updated gaming module profiles, ispravlenie localization. In the previous version only had the English localization.