History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v5

Updating the admin panel interface. Updated the task scheduler module. Fixing errors in the session storage and authorization module.

Posted: 18:30:53 26-05-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.4.1

Fixing an error in the set sales module. The fix in the form of donation. The fix in the handler for the notification about the payment from the DigiSeller.

Posted: 10:14:32 05-04-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.4.0

Added Donat support for Conan Exiles game servers. In the store module, when selling resources, the listplayers command is called and the idx is calculated by steamID without plugins. Fix in the jquery.cookies.js library.

Posted: 12:30:19 26-03-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.3.1

Automatic Commission calculation in the top- up categories based on payment system connection data has been added to the Donat module.

Posted: 12:59:06 09-03-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.3.0

Options for displaying descriptions in product categories have been added to the set sales module. To increase the performance and correct operation of the engine, you must enable the Opcache PHP module.

Posted: 12:28:00 27-02-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.2.1

The SEO optimization update adds a canonical link to all CMS Donate Engine pages via the link tag and header Link header.

Posted: 23:34:54 20-02-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.2.0

On the server information pages, a link to the game world map is added, which is called in the modal window. The modal monitoring window has also been improved.

Posted: 13:50:22 14-02-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.9

Added integration with the banlist Advanced Ban. To work with the plugin, you need to transfer it to the database to the CMS Donate Engine.

Posted: 14:25:27 10-02-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.8

Added buttons for changing the skin and password to the profile, a fix in the registration module, improved the Minecraft block sales module, improved the template, and fixed an error when installing to an ip address. Update for new versions of the Authme authorization plugin. Fix processing of PayPal payment notifications. Commissions for payment systems are placed in the admin panel.

Posted: 17:10:39 04-02-2020

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.7

In the payment notification handlers, the log files are renamed to *.log. In the unitpay connection administrator module, the tooltip with the list of payment systems has been fixed.

Posted: 23:30:37 23-12-2019