History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v15.8.2

Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2 version. Improved module for the donation form. Added Query protocol for rFactor 2 servers. Added RCON protocol for Unturned Rocketron server. Correction and improvement of the admin panel.

Posted: 20:39:19 22-01-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.7.4

Added a new MercadoPago payment system, fixed an error in the installer when importing demo content.

Posted: 08:03:54 15-01-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.6.5

An automatic update feature has been added to the admin panel. Added new RCON protocols for server management. Added migration management. During the update, a backup archive with changeable files is created.

Posted: 02:15:12 03-01-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.4.0

Added RCON for the Call of Duty 4 server. Added a new class for connecting the SMS Donate Engine economy to the CraftConomy 3 plugin.

Posted: 16:12:35 12-11-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.3.1

Adding new Query protocols. Added password editing for administrators. Fixed a virtual currency exchange error. A fix for the authme plugin.

Posted: 21:29:45 02-11-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.2.6

Fix: crafting recipes, user editing, resource sales, localization in the admin panel. Updating the Minecraft inventory, IIS has been added to the installer. Added rcon for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Garry's Mod, GTA V Five M, Team Fortress 2.

Posted: 02:04:33 13-10-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.1.7

Admins have added nickname and email editing. Sorting of the money list has been added to the admin panel. Fixed an error in the Freekassa payment form. The Digiseller payment form has been updated. The crafting module has been updated.

Posted: 21:09:21 19-09-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.1.5

In the form of a donation, an update of payment directions. A modal window for connecting payment systems has been added to the admin panel. An error has been fixed in the admin panel when editing the user's money.

Posted: 17:26:54 11-09-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.1.4

RCON error correction for L4D2 servers. Correction of the UUID of the class. Improvement of the donat form, Minecraft inventory module. Fix for List servers.

Posted: 20:52:40 10-09-2022

CMS Donate Engine v15.0.5

Added admin server shutdown. Fixed of query Conan Exiles. RCON L4D2 fix. Updating the template for news listings.

Posted: 14:41:09 26-08-2022