History Commercial version

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.13

17-12-11 14:33:37
Bug fix in scheduler module, the gaming market Minecraft, manage inventories, when editing resources for Minecraft servers. Improvement module information about the server.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.12

17-12-01 10:36:22
Improving the functions of modules for SEO. In the admin module added clearing of the logs of adminshop. Fix scheduler module.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.10

17-11-27 16:16:33
The correction module of the input market for servers Life is Feudal. The error was that it did not preserve the quality of the goods offered in the gaming market.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.9

17-11-24 12:47:17
The fix for getting UUID using the database. Improved sales module resource sets. Update the list of commands for admin RCON console module.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.8

17-11-23 00:50:16
Bug fixes for compatibility with servers ARK. The correction of an error in the template while disconnected from the servers and admin management module privileges PermissionEx.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.7

17-11-21 07:53:29
Update for the new authorization DLE. The fix scheduler and module to monetize servers Life is Feudal. Improvement module RCON console.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.6

17-11-10 11:26:06
The fix for the installer. In class for authorization via Steam added logging for debugging.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.3

17-10-31 00:04:25
In the admin module added RCON console commands for servers, ARK. The correction of an error in the installer when creating a table ms_sessions.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.2

17-10-26 15:39:31
Added support for servers ARK Survival Evolved. Fixed no significant errors.

CMS Donate Engine v3.0.1

17-10-25 12:36:35
Reduced load module output subjects. Correction of errors of localization, improvement of the admin module to display statistics.