History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.5

Improved protection when sending messages through the feedback form and when registering new users.

Posted: 16:39:10 20-11-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.4

An optional ThemeCode parameter has been added to the QIWI payment notification processing module to personalize the payment form.

Posted: 11:17:01 11-11-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.3

Fix save data function in MySQL session when user logs out. Improvement of rcon console module, top-up list and WebMoney.

Posted: 16:49:04 05-11-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.2

Fix JavaScript error in rcon admin console. Correction of an error related to the integration of the payment integrator Digiseller.

Posted: 13:14:33 29-10-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.1

Added integration with voting on the site minecraftrating.ru. After the update, go to site administration and enter the data for integration.

Posted: 11:51:00 23-10-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.1.0

A server selector has been added to the block store module if more than one server is connected. Updated JS bookmark script. News module improvement. Empty categories are hidden in the donation form module.

Posted: 08:51:43 20-10-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.9

Added editing of monitoring in the management of the servers. Correction of errors in cart modules, discounts, registration, voting, PayPal.

Posted: 09:02:26 14-10-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.8

Correction of the issue of resources through Minecraft game profiles and removed the restriction on empty inventory.

Posted: 23:46:07 26-09-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.7

Added Donat via payment system Advanced Cash< / a>. There were also minor code fixes.

Posted: 18:04:40 18-09-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.6

Improvement module market Minecraft, added a new modal window in some events. Added option define('IGNORE_DISABLED_MARKET', true); including the sale of any resource on the Minecraft market.

Posted: 18:52:28 30-08-2019