History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v14.7.0

An option has been added to the admin panel to protect against password brute force with configurable data retention. Added other fixes.

Posted: 10:29:08 23-06-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.6.9

An option has been added to the admin panel to enable email address change in the user settings. Improvement of the engine code. Fix for PHP 8.1.

Posted: 11:51:41 18-06-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.6.6

The server deletion function has been updated in the admin panel. Now, when deleting, tables with products are cleared. Cleaning of goods is needed to import the dump file with the server.

Posted: 23:34:14 06-06-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.6.4

The function of exporting the server with products for the installer has been added to the admin panel.

Posted: 16:16:02 02-06-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.6.0

Correction of payment notification processing. Added RCON protocol for Quake 3 and L4D2 servers. Javascript error correction. A column with a timestamp has been added to the table of the oxide plugin. Improved editing of products in the store module.

Posted: 16:21:23 27-05-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.5.0

A change of the Query protocol for online counting has been added to the server settings. Correction of errors during server polling.

Posted: 00:28:53 10-05-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.4.0

Added donation on Teamspeak 3 servers. Added new servers for the Query protocol. Payment system handlers have been updated. A fix for Steam authorization. Added a template for 503 errors.

Posted: 11:23:20 07-05-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.0.8

The cache file for the donation form module has been added and the HTML code of the forms has been placed in a separate template. The server carousel animation option on the main page is taken from the template.

Posted: 23:40:39 10-03-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.0.6

In the steam authorization setting, an option has been added to disable email input and confirmation via mail. A fix to support PHP 8.1.1.

Posted: 12:50:19 01-03-2022

CMS Donate Engine v14.0.4

Improved caching. Performance improvement. The localization editor has been added to the admin panel. The Smarty template engine has been added. Improvement for Minecraft servers. Bug fixes for version 13.

Posted: 02:36:19 24-02-2022