History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v16.3.0

Fixed bug in work of saving statistics (steamID64). Updated jQuery library. Refactoring of task scheduler. Fixed a bug in server information output. Updated dumps for ARK and ProjectZomboid.

Posted: 20:19:16 29-10-2023

CMS Donate Engine v16.2.8

A lock has been added to the Minecraft set sale and inventory module. Fix in the feedback form module. Correction in the installer.

Posted: 01:43:27 31-07-2023

CMS Donate Engine v16.2.0

A new payment integrator Tinkoff.ru was added. Although the payment system has been under sanctions since 2023, it is still not disconnected from the international settlement system SWIFT.

Posted: 11:43:16 20-06-2023

CMS Donate Engine v16.1.7

Increased performance. Added work through APCu cache to the class autoloader. Updated the jQuery library to version 3.6.4. Improved the template. Bug fixes.

Posted: 09:46:29 22-05-2023

CMS Donate Engine v16.0.5

Replaced driver to update CMS file structure (the old one has an error \No newline at end of file). Added queue management for the issuance of goods. Fixed the store module, the player's nickname was not read when issuing merchandise.

Posted: 00:56:15 20-03-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.9.5

Added a queue of RCON commands to schedule the removal of privileges after the purchase of the product. RCON queued commands are run automatically through the task scheduler.

Posted: 02:45:28 21-02-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.9.4

Folder navigation has been added to the modal image selection window for the product. New parameters RCON %id% and %crossid% have been added for the sale of goods.

Posted: 20:10:55 15-02-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.8.5

Added a new driver for updating files. Fixed a bug when editing Minecraft inventory. Refactoring of modules, the presentation is rendered in templates. Deprecated fix for future versions.

Posted: 13:02:30 01-02-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.8.2

Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2 version. Improved module for the donation form. Added Query protocol for rFactor 2 servers. Added RCON protocol for Unturned Rocketron server. Correction and improvement of the admin panel.

Posted: 20:39:19 22-01-2023

CMS Donate Engine v15.7.4

Added a new MercadoPago payment system, fixed an error in the installer when importing demo content.

Posted: 08:03:54 15-01-2023