History Commercial version

CMS Donate Engine v3.0

17-10-05 23:39:11
Add Unlimit 2018 license. Correction of significant errors in the Javascript code, improved CSS markup template, improvement of the General code of the functions of the engine.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.9

17-10-01 11:40:24
Error correction of the move up window after clicking on the link. Fix for validation of input in the login form and click on resources.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.8

17-09-26 14:25:50
Improvement module crafting recipes. The table ms_crafts removed column with icons. In the authorization file added output of error if the connection to the remote database.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.7

17-09-13 11:43:23
The correction template. Settings from the configuration file didn't load. No significant changes in the style file and location.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.6

17-09-12 22:54:09
Not much color change template. Fixed saving options of the slider. Added modal window for editing of static pages.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.5

17-09-07 19:18:13
Update template CMS Donate Engine. Fixed bug with the edit menu. Improved editing module settings by the user.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.4

17-09-03 22:21:07
Added integration Telegram. The user can in the settings to activate the option and get instant notifications in telegram.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.3

17-08-30 12:41:20
In the installer added choice of encoding is UTF8 or UTF8MB4 to create tables in a MySQL database. The update includes bug fixes in the previous version, some functions are not properly fulfilled.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.2

17-08-25 15:52:32
Update for compatibility with PHP 7. Testing was done on version 7.1.8. Rewritten the old classes so that the code can adequately work as on previous versions, and the new seventh edition.

CMS Donate Engine v2.1.1

17-08-22 23:29:52
Engine considerably rewritten, added class for working with database using MySqli. Is connected when you run the installer, can be changed in the configuration file.