History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v10.0.34

Fix the admin module for editing the navigation menu. Bug fixes in jQuery 3 scripts and the game currency exchange module.

Posted: 22:53:07 15-04-2021

CMS Donate Engine v10.0.30

In the set sales module, an error was fixed when selecting an image from the modal window. The server editing module is not a significant improvement. Correction of currency exchange and database update module.

Posted: 17:38:12 09-04-2021

CMS Donate Engine v10.0.27

Improvement of the set sales module. When the quantity of the product changes, the price update is added.

Posted: 21:30:18 08-04-2021

CMS Donate Engine v10.0.26

RCON response from the server, recorded in a MySQL table with logs. Added control of RSS feed loading in the admin panel and a module for automatic updating of the MySQL database.

Posted: 16:11:25 08-04-2021

CMS Donate Engine v10.0.0

During the fire in the Strasbourg data center, all data was irretrievably lost. We really hoped to return the server, but yesterday the hoster reported that this is not possible. We had to install an old dump. Unfortunately, the CMS Donate Engine version history (v6, v7, v8, v9) can't be returned either.

Posted: 15:03:44 22-03-2021

CMS Donate Engine v9.0.0

New functionality for drawing items via roulette has been added to the sets module. Dumps with new items have been added to the installer. The dump for ARK Survival servers has been completely updated. Added new images for ARK products.

Posted: 10:44:29 13-01-2021

CMS Donate Engine v8.0.0

An extended access control system has been added to the privilege settings to block access to individual servers. Removed the request to the MySQL server to get administrator privileges. Privileges are written to the user session for the bust.

Posted: 10:44:29 08-12-2020

CMS Donate Engine v7.0.0

Update to improve performance. Added a system for caching settings and the list of servers. Updated the admin module for viewing system information and performance monitoring. Improvement of the shopping cart module and the list of products on the Minecraft market.

Posted: 10:44:29 09-10-2020

CMS Donate Engine v6.0.0

In the `ms_settings` table, the options used in mods are renamed with the addition of modname_ and the mod column is set to '1'. Improving the functions of JavaScript. Fixed a bug in the Minecraft prefix changer module. Fixed a bug in the block sales module and added the purchase of resources without reloading the page. Fixed a bug in the prefix change module and added dynamic saving. Improvement of the feedback form.

Posted: 10:44:29 29-09-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.5.0

A function for cloning categories has been added to the set sales module. The feedback module has added functions for sending messages without reloading the page. The administrator will receive a copy of the message via the dialogs from the bot. In the news module, an option has been added to display a thumbnail. Improving the admin panel.

Posted: 10:44:29 23-09-2020