History Commercial version

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.4

17-06-05 18:55:47
The patch is not critical errors in the discounts account, the sale of privileges, store blocks, editing the static pages.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.3

17-05-23 10:07:45
Update of slider scroll the server list the main countries. Before the server description, added a block progress bar with the current online. Bugfix in module dialogues.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.2

17-05-22 10:15:16
Updated gaming module profiles, ispravlenie localization. In the previous version only had the English localization.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0.1

17-05-21 11:12:19
Updated modal window monitoring servers, added progress bar. Not a big fix in the server list.

CMS Donate Engine v2.0

17-05-20 17:48:02
New version of the engine today was uploaded to a server for download. We have fixed all bugs of previous version, the engine has a new functionality to download the avatar and many other improvements.

CMS Minecraft Shop v1.9.1.4

17-04-01 11:54:26
In the list of servers fixed the path to the jQuery library. In the file scheduler fixed a logical error. Bugfix in the installer and the admin modules management groups and databases.

CMS Minecraft Shop v1.9.1.3

16-09-13 19:21:31
Error correction the admin module dump MySQL tables. In the structure of the dump are not combined search indexes are not properly created FULLTEXT indexes.

CMS Minecraft Shop v1.9.1.2

16-09-12 12:31:32
Error correction the admin module dump of MySQL tables. In the structure of dump columns now taken in quotes. Fix authorization functions from an external database.

CMS Minecraft Shop v1.9.1.1

16-07-22 17:52:35
Update for RUST servers in connection with a change in display information from RCON status. Also added fix for module handling alerts PayPal, fixed bug with editing of discounts.

CMS Minecraft Shop v1.9.1.0

16-05-24 20:30:59
In settings added new option allowing to block output of information for Donato, charting and viewing logs. Fixed a bug update the time of last activity of the user.