How to open file Player.dat


Download NBTExplorer

To edit the game files Minecraft format Player.dat for Windows very often uses the program NBTExplorer with very small size and non-obtrusive interface. Download it on the link

Minecraft and Pocketmine profiles

Files Player.dat, used by Minecraft servers to store game data, are encoded in NBT format and contain the coordinates on the map, items in the backpack, superimposed on the enchantment items, the player's health level, potion effects, armor, flight, creativity and other information.

CMS Donate Engine supports file structure servers Minecraft, including the most recent version. On your website using PHP script will be available for players with inventory operations, they will be able to move objects in your inventory and administrators will be able to check inventory, delete items, add or remove creative mode and even when players are disconnected from the server.

When a server hack, cheaters distribute creative players and if a player disconnects from the server, you can only delete the creative next time you connect to the server. Ban such users is not quite correct, because they could give the regime simply for fun and to address the security issues was written by CMS Donate Engine, which includes extensive functionality for monetization game servers Minecraft.

Direct donations via player.dat

CMS Donate Engine supports editing information and direct donation to game profiles on Minecraft and Pocketmine servers.

A detailed description of the structure of the file format can be found at Player.dat wiki Minecraft: Gamepedia