Donation plugin with MySQL

Selling resources with an entry in DB

Through the admin interface, you can configure the sale of products with a record on a remote server. When the user purchases a product, an SQL query will be executed to add the product to the game inventory or shopping cart.

CMS Donate Engine will collect Donat on servers with MySQL

Donat engine for game servers is a store with various functions for getting resources, including a MySQL driver that optionally records data about purchased products on your server.

Transmitting data in JSON, a string, or a multi-insert loop

In the admin panel, we have implemented an optional configuration for each product. You can choose to send data in json format, in a multi-line block,or you can insert data in a multi-line loop.

Download RUST OXIDE DB Store v1.1.3

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Plugin update: 11:14:17 16-02-2021.

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Development of the plugin: Alex Novikov