Integration with QIWI

We have added support of the payment system QIWI, because using it most of the users pays a donate on the game servers.

Now you can connect direct via QIWI donate and players will be able to pay a fee without Commission fees, profits will be even greater.

to connect your site to the payment system QIWI, sign up on, add a project, wait until it is accepted and you can start accepting QIWI.

Turn on the HTTP tab of the Protocol settings of the REST and activate it. The URL notification about the payment for REST of Protocol please specify _http://site/shop/payments/qiwi.php. Save the settings and test the payment.

For notifications about the payment, the web server must run in Fast CGI mode or can connect to PHP 5.5. After connecting, test the interface and open the log file shop\loging\qiwi.txt to check transactions, successful transactions are written to the database in MySQL, you can find them in admin panel. If the API ID was not generated, we will not work form of payment.