CMS for AdvancedBan

Web interface for PunishmentGUI

Plugin PunishmentGUI uses the plugin AdvancedBan to add functions for recording and storing bans in MySQL and it is completely dependent on It. PunishmentGUI has additional settings for connecting a banlist and saving data to the database.

Integration of Advanced Ban with the site

After connecting, you will get a convenient interface for viewing bans, administrators will be able to edit, delete, or even completely clear the banlist. The plugins themselves can be downloaded from special project pages, and they are also easy to install.

Banlist connecting to CMS

To connect PunishmentGUI to the CMS, you need to move the plugin tables to the CMS Donate Engine database. Then open the shop/app/constants.php and enter the table for the "Punishments" banlist. Go to the shop/admin/?page=bans and enter the settings as shown in the screenshot.

Download AdvancedBan:

Download PunishmentGUI: