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YAML on Pocketmine server

The YAML on the server Pocketmine is no longer used in newer versions. For this reason, this feature is not available. Instead, it uses the format of the data in the DAT files.

Servers Minecraft Pocket Edition game profiles are stored in a file with the extension yml, which is designed to transmit serialized data in human-readable format, you can change it in a notebook, and it will continue to work, provided that the syntax of the format and structure.

In CMS Donate Engine developed intelligent system of resource transfers, which clarifies whether the player is on the server and moves resources RCON protocol and if the user is not connected, the translation goes directly through the edit profile in the game folder to the server с:\pocketmine\players\Username.yml

Admin interface allows you to control any game equipment connected to the server, you will be able to pressing delete not legally extracted or stolen items. In the case of relapse is also available by banks and that provides good protection against any criminal servers.

With the help of CMS Donate Engine, players can trade in the market things from their inventory, which is available for all users.

Connect the professional system trade and sales resources and you get an instant increase in profits and a unique system to monetize your servers.