CMS for CS Global Offensive

Donation for CS Global Offensive

Comfortable reception of donations for your gaming community! Create your online store Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now and get instant direct donation to your account.

CMS for the gaming community CSGO

Players on your servers will receive gifts for uptime, which motivates them to spend time on the server and enjoy a great game. You will increase the loyalty of users and automatic reception of donation.

Store privileges for CS Global Offensive

Convenient purchase of instant privileges on servers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive create through a plugin that adds RCON team to manage game privileges.

Online web RCON for CS GO

For administrators, we have created an online server management terminal and this is a web RCON console. Easy to manage, allows you to connect to servers and send commands directly to the site through a browser. To send a command, open the site, click on the wrench and enter the authorization data.