History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v5.5.0

A function for cloning categories has been added to the set sales module. The feedback module has added functions for sending messages without reloading the page. The administrator will receive a copy of the message via dialogs from the bot. An option for displaying thumbnails has been added to the news module. Improving the admin panel.

Posted: 09:40:45 23-09-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.4.0

A new plugin for donation RUST OXIDE DB Store. Improvement of the oxide module for integration with plugins for RUST servers. Functions for sending products to the database via the oxide module have been added to the set sales module.

Posted: 19:33:21 10-09-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.3.5

Added integration with the new payment aggregator tome.ru. The integrator creates the old UnitPay command.

Posted: 13:34:16 06-09-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.3.3

Fix an error in the installer. The cooldown column has been added to the dumps for importing test server information for the set sales module.

Posted: 10:42:21 31-08-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.3.2

PhpBB 3.3.1 authorization support was added to the installer. fixed an error when installing the prefix with the LuckPerms plugin enabled.

Posted: 11:49:02 30-08-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.3.1

The STARTTLS option has been added to the settings for sending messages over the SMTP Protocol, which enables encryption of transmitted data. Port 587 is usually used.

Posted: 10:44:29 22-08-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.3.0

In the store module, a cooldown option has been added when purchasing a product, so that you can block the instant purchase of cheap resources. So that the respawn does not scatter free goods and do not make a dump on the servers.

Posted: 19:16:54 20-08-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.2.0

Added support for the WebSender 3.0 plugin for BungeeCord. In the set sales module, forms are rewritten by sending a request via ajax, without reloading the page. Updated the library for Notice JavaScript notifications.

Posted: 21:15:13 19-08-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.1.1

In the admin panel, the forms for saving settings are rewritten with sending a request via ajax, without reloading the page.

Posted: 20:28:09 23-07-2020

CMS Donate Engine v5.1.0

Adding functions to the template for a new design. Fix for compatibility with old MySQL servers.

Posted: 12:54:40 03-07-2020