History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.5

Sale of minecraft quests. Saving a resource from inventory, when buying, only its quantity is replaced with the preservation of all properties for shop and trade in the market. Updated alert handler Fairtop and QIWI.

Posted: 15:19:55 20-08-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.4

Updated module receiving pozirovanii from the players, added the category to pay donation buttons. Now you can take Yandex.Money, Webmoney, QIWI, PayPal directly with disabling them in other payment aggregators.

Posted: 20:01:22 12-08-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.3

Added Donat through the designer stores DigiSeller and Oplata.info. JavaScript fix for modal Windows when navigating back and forth buttons.

Posted: 14:35:21 31-07-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.2

The minecraft inventory control module has a feature to move items without reloading the page. Updated JavaScript function to work with modal Windows.

Posted: 17:18:46 08-07-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0.1

Updated library to work with inventory. In the resource market and in the shopping cart module, items are moved to inventory without reloading the page. Added full support for saving of properties of objects in the sale and purchase market resources.

Posted: 19:29:31 06-07-2019

CMS Donate Engine v4.0

Added support for the LuckPerms plugin, which includes privilege management, sale, renewal and upgrade via the groups /shop/groups module.

Posted: 14:58:00 27-06-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.9.1

Error correction of data collection in task scheduler. Improve the function of modal Windows, pop-up notifications, modules for LisF and OXIDE.

Posted: 19:46:47 22-06-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.9

Improved dialog module, added dynamic sending of messages, without reloading the page. Added PNotify for instant notifications to the template. Fixed bugs when integrating with AuthMe, cAuth, xAuth.

Posted: 16:46:53 10-06-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.9

Updated administrator menu, icons Font Awesome are used instead of images. Updated list of the effects in the file items.json for minecraft servers.

Posted: 16:13:54 04-06-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.8

Added smooth animation when navigating through the pages of the site. Bug fix for editing products in The minecraft block store module.

Posted: 10:12:02 28-05-2019