History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v11.5.0

The template functions are placed in a separate admin module with settings for switching functions.

Posted: 15:55:40 01-10-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.4.0

A change of MySQL engine with alternative methods of storing information has been added to the installer: MyISAM, FEDERATED, InnoDB, Aria. Slight improvement of the template.

Posted: 12:22:19 30-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.3.2

Fixed a bug in the class for editing Minecraft inventory. Fixed a bug in the AuthMe authorization module. Updated payment methods for the new Free kassa.

Posted: 23:22:26 27-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.3.0

A filter with the calculation of donations for players for the last few days, months and years has been added to the admin panel. For the correct calculation, go to the admin panel and click the button to update the database. Connection error has been fixed enot.io.

Posted: 12:18:30 19-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.2.5

Added experimental support for donat for List servers with the Warz mod, which issues goods through the MySQL database. To enable the List in the server settings, enter the store sets module.

Posted: 08:10:51 17-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.1.0

A new payment integrator has been added enot.io. Fixing an error in the scheduler. A command for an unauthorized player and a function to disable logging has been added to the scheduler. Improvement of the RCON console. A category for cryptocurrency has been added to the donation module.

Posted: 11:30:26 13-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.0.5

In the player profile module, the error of displaying buttons for sending a private message, changing the skin has been fixed. An error has been fixed in the admin panel when sending the rcon command. Improvement of the set sales module.

Posted: 12:33:55 01-09-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.0.4

Updated JavaScript for the menu operation. If a link with a full match is found, it will be highlighted in priority over other menu items.

Posted: 13:56:29 29-08-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.0.3

In the settings of the integration module with the ban list, an option has been added to change the name of the table from the admin panel. Added support for the new freekassa.ru. Fixed a bug in the player profile module.

Posted: 09:40:44 27-08-2021

CMS Donate Engine v11.0.2

Added a new dark template. The donation module has been updated. Improved caching system, sending via SMTP server and to the discord server. Added support for PHP 8.

Posted: 17:16:40 17-08-2021