CMS Donate Engine v9.8.0 CMS DonateEngine v9.8.0

An experimental feature for selling skills has been added to the module for selling products on Life is Feudal servers. A new product dump for the Life is Feudal and Conan Exiles servers has been added to the installer.

Selling skills on the Life is Feudal server

Donation of the Conan Exiles server

Without updating the template, without updating the MySQL structure.

The file with the changes

  • shop/admin/*.*
  • shop/install/*.*
  • shop/style/images/conan/*.*
  • shop/style/images/lisf/*.*
  • shop/app/constants.php
  • shop/app/inv.lisf.php
  • shop/app/msmod/captcha.php
  • shop/app/msmod/lisf.php
  • shop/app/msmod/store.php
  • shop/image.php