CMS Donate Engine v9.1.0 CMS DonateEngine v9.1.0

In the sets module, a purchase with the quantity of the product has been added. Improved modal window interface. In the sets module, a selection of images and sounds for roulette from the second modal window has been added. Updated the Font Awesome v4.7.0 icon library. Fixed a bug in the server monitoring modal window.

setting up roulette

roulette setup

With updating the template, without updating the MySQL structure.

The file with the changes

  • shop/admin/*.*
  • shop/install/*.*
  • shop/app/constants.php
  • shop/app/functions.php
  • shop/app/language/en/store.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/store.php
  • shop/app/msmod/crafts.php
  • shop/app/msmod/profile.php
  • shop/app/msmod/servers.php
  • shop/app/msmod/store.php
  • shop/app/msmod/ucp.php
  • shop/app/msmod/donate.php
  • shop/payments/interkassa.php
  • shop/style/gente/css/font-awesome.min.css
  • shop/style/gente/fonts/*.*
  • shop/style/gente/index.tpl