CMS Donate Engine v5.3.2 CMS DonateEngine v5.3.2

PhpBB 3.3.1 authorization support was added to the installer. fixed an error when installing the prefix with the LuckPerms plugin enabled.

To update, replace the files with new ones.

The file with the changes

  • shop/admin/*.*
  • shop/install/*.*
  • shop/app/constants.php
  • shop/app/auth/*.*
  • shop/app/auth.php
  • shop/app/functions.php
  • shop/app/language/en/base.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/base.php
  • shop/app/msmod/groups.php
  • shop/app/msmod/myitems.php
  • shop/app/msmod/prefix.php
  • shop/app/msmod/sales.php
  • shop/app/msmod/store.php
  • shop/style/gente/index.tpl
  • shop/index.php

Without updating the template, without updating the MySQL structure.