CMS Donate Engine v3.3.3 CMS DonateEngine v3.3.3

The cache of the administrator menu is placed in a separate entry. To update, replace the files, go to menu management admin/?page=menu, select the administrator menu, and then click restore.

From the user menu, you can delete the administrator menu, and from the administrator menu, you can delete the user menu.

New files:
  • Unchanged
Deleted files:
  • Unchanged
​Files with the changes:
  • shop/language/en/admin/menu.php
  • shop/language/ru/admin/menu.php
  • shop/includes/constants.php
  • shop/admin/includes/functions.php
  • shop/admin/msmod/menu.php
  • shop/install/sql/inserttable_ru.sql
  • shop/install/sql/inserttable_en.sql
Without updating the template, without updating the structure of MySQL.