CMS Donate Engine v11.7.0 CMS DonateEngine v11.7.0

The module for selling sets of products (store) has added support for new variables: %UserEmail%, %OfflineUUID%, %Steam2ID%, %Steam3ID%. Fixed a bug with the Query protocol from the previous update.

Also, an option was added to the admin panel to hide the real ip addresses of the game servers, so that they would not take ip lists for ddos from the site. This is useful when the site is protected by Cloudflare and a launcher with a reserve of several IP addresses is used to launch the game client.
To update replace the files with new ones.

Files with changes

  • shop/app/constants.php
  • shop/admin/*.*
  • shop/app/lib/steamid.php
  • shop/index.php
  • shop/app/functions.php
  • shop/app/query.source.php
  • shop/app/rcon.minecraft.php
  • shop/app/msmod/store.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/store.php
  • shop/app/language/en/store.php

Without the template update.