Donation script for game servers

Game servers owner?

We are an industry leader and an innovator when it comes to monetization on game servers. CMS Donate Engine provides monetization for the gaming community with the means of integrating popular payment systems.

Accepting donations for your community

There is nothing easier than server monetization! Easy installation, fast connection and instant payback of the project. Donat engine for monetization of ARK, Minecraft, Pocketmine, Trust, Project Zomboid, Life is feudal, SAMP, MTA, Hurtworld servers and HALF-LIFE and Steam-based servers, such as Counter-Strike 1.6. Create your online store, personal account for the sale of resources and privileges.

Automatic donations

Written in PHP, it uses MySQL and represents personal account for game servers. There are real-time statistics, store resources, sale VIP groups. Paid unban makes it possible to issue a fine to the user in real currency. The game market allows you to trade personal resources. Direct connection to payment systems increases profits and reduces costs.

Statistics, accounting and analysis of work

Now you can create a really noteworthy store with the functions of the user`s personal account and start making money on your server. You will receive detailed information about each purchase with the possibility of additional privileges and resources issued by the administrator.

Complete code security

All transactions are protected-CMS Donate Engine has no vulnerabilities. Donat for the site has a system of routes, which allows you to use SEO, GZIP compression to save traffic and increase download speed. With the help of the task scheduler schedules are built, awards are given to players on the total time online.

The lowest fees

Thanks to direct integration with payment systems, the lowest Commission for receiving and withdrawing donations is provided. Built-in dialogue system, allows players to write messages to each other, search for new interlocutors and can be easily changed when integrated with third-party CMS.

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Donate for game servers
Donate for game servers
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Donation system for game servers

With the help of a flexible system of discounts Donat site, it is possible to sell products at any price and thanks to the access control system, the site is securely protected, which allows the administrator to open access to any page to certain users who want to help in the development of the site.