CMS Donate Engine v5.5.0 CMS DonateEngine v5.5.0

A function for cloning categories has been added to the set sales module. The feedback module has added functions for sending messages without reloading the page. The administrator will receive a copy of the message via the dialogs from the bot. In the news module, an option has been added to display a thumbnail. Improving the admin panel.

Before updating, run a MySQL query to change and add columns via phpMyAdmin:
ALTER TABLE `ms_oxide_inventory` CHANGE `item` `item` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL DEFAULT '';
ALTER TABLE `ms_oxide_inventory` CHANGE `server` `server` VARCHAR(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0';
ALTER TABLE `ms_news` ADD `thumb` ENUM('enable','disable') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'enable' AFTER `views`;

To update, replace the files with new ones.

Files with changes

  • shop/admin/*.*
  • shop/install/*.*
  • shop/app/constants.php
  • shop/app/functions.php
  • shop/app/language/en/mail.php
  • shop/app/language/en/news.php
  • shop/app/language/en/prefix.php
  • shop/app/language/en/store.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/base.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/mail.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/news.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/prefix.php
  • shop/app/language/ru/store.php
  • shop/app/msmod/inv.php
  • shop/app/msmod/lottery.php
  • shop/app/msmod/mail.php
  • shop/app/msmod/news.php
  • shop/app/msmod/prefix.php
  • shop/app/msmod/redirect.php
  • shop/app/msmod/shop.php
  • shop/app/msmod/store.php
  • shop/app/msmod/donate.php
  • shop/style/gente/index.tpl
  • shop/style/gente/js/custom.js
  • shop/style/gente/js/shop.js

With the template update, with the MySQL structure update.