CMS Donate Engine v3.1.1 CMS DonateEngine v3.1.1

Changes in the Steam Protocol and links to the user profile. Improved the output module of system information in the admin panel.

To update replace the files with new ones.

New files:
  • shop/msmod/lisfmarket.php
Deleted files:
  • shop/msmod/lisfMarket.php
​Files with the changes:
  • shop/includes/steamsign.class.php
  • shop/includes/functions.php
  • shop/index.php
  • shop/image.php
  • shop/msmod/groups.php
  • shop/msmod/profile.php
  • shop/msmod/bans.php
  • shop/msmod/news.php
  • shop/msmod/store.php
  • shop/admin/msmod/system.php
  • shop/admin/msmod/perm.php
No change the template, without updating the structure of MySQL.