History CMS Donate Engine

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.4

Added loading images, improved page editing, fix in Minecraft inventory to support non-standard items. In the statistics added highlighting of columns.

Posted: 17:11:53 14-03-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.3

Improvement of the engine code, instead of constants to connect to tables, an array is used. The server connection module has been updated, the template has not been significantly improved.

Posted: 02:28:23 17-02-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.2

Correction of a critical error, we recommend updating the engine files. Also the banlist module and functions for online ban of players through the site were updated.

Posted: 04:07:12 24-01-2019

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.1

Bug fixes for the proper operation of Donat and change skins on Minecraft servers.

Posted: 01:33:46 21-12-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.8.0

Added Donat for GTA MTA servers. Demo dumps have been added to the installer for selective import of servers and content. Removed support for changing localization in the user interface.

Posted: 02:55:00 01-12-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.7.0

The structure of the engine files has been updated, new settings for integration with the banlist have been added, a new Protocol for obtaining information from MTA servers has been added to the query console.

Posted: 01:22:01 15-11-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.6.0

Added support for Rust Experimental servers that use new protocol Websocket Rcon.

Posted: 17:32:10 17-10-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.5.0

Added registration and authorization via Steam account. When registering, the user needs to fill out a form and confirm the email through the mail. One-button authorization.

Posted: 13:09:19 08-10-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.4.2

The installer adds support for integration of new authorization for Xenforo 2.0 forum and its newer versions.

Posted: 23:29:14 06-10-2018

CMS Donate Engine v3.4.1

Improved sales module resource sets if the category has no products or categories, when you click a message appears.

Posted: 17:00:40 13-09-2018